About Don Ha

Mentor, Salesperson And Author

Businessman, property investor, mentor, author and acclaimed speaker. Don Ha has successfully mastered the art of business and property investing and is considered an expert in his field.

Don Ha's refugee to riches story has been a motivator for countless New Zealanders and his message is simple- "If I can do it, anyone can ! "

At the age of 17 he made the decision that he would be a millionaire by the time he was 30. True to his word, he did exactly that. His relentless efforts and passion in business and in real estate allowed him to create the life of his dreams.

Since 2004 Don has operated an award-winning Real Estate office and together with his team he has signed up over a billion dollars worth of Real Estate.

For almost two decades, Don has observed the success strategies of the world's greatest business and property minds, as well as being awarded many top awards for Excellence in Real Estate and Number 2 for the prestigious International Leadership Award his office his biggest achievement to date is the designing and marketing of Sunline Estate. The brain child of Don Ha, it is the result of a three year planning process during which Don completed extensive market research, found the ideal investors, sourced the land and worked with a team of architects to design the homes. With a completed value of over $80 million it will be the largest single level housing development in South Auckland.

Don has also managed and mentored hundreds of property investors, providing quality education as he helped them get started and continue to build wealth through property. Don brings an abundance of experience to every deal, as well as the importance of honesty and integrity.

Don specialises in conducting Home Buyer Seminars, subdivisions, project marketing, selling houses off plans, tailor made finance packages and personal consultation advice.